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Two Options


Two key things about this account:

  1. Office 365 products web-based. This means you use a browser to access Word, Excel, etc.
  2. Your teaching role in the LMS is restricted to only your family members, inside your home-school. Your student can still participate in other partner organizations  such as Co-ops and Enrichment programs.


Two key things about this account:

  1. Office 365 products are downloadable. This means you install Word, Excel, etc. on your Windows or Mac computer. Up to 4 devices.
  2. Your teaching role in the LMS is unrestricted. You may have family members or non-family members inside your home-school. This means you can teach or offer classes to other home-schoolers (Co-op, Enrichment, etc.).

Choose Your Membership Level

Note: Both membership types include two accounts: 1 for the Parent to use and 1 for a Student to use. The differences between a Parent and a Teacher are spelled out in the Two Options section. For either membership, additional students require additional student add-on licenses.

Each type of membership also includes the following:

  • Two licenses for Online Learning Management System account (parent and student). The Parent version allows you to set up your own home-school like a school where your children are your students and you as a parent are the teacher. If you need to teach others outside of your family – such as a co-op, enrichment program or distance learning – choose the Teacher Membership option.
  • Microsoft Office 365 applications, either web-based or installed on your computer(s).
  • Two personal Home-Schooler domain email accounts (1 parent and 1 student) with up to 25GB of storage each, hosted by Microsoft.
  • Two Microsoft Teams subscriptions for video conferencing.
  • Home-Schooler Community Access.
  • Exclusive member discounts on Home-Schooler Community-sponsored Learning Streams, Workshops, Conferences and more.
  • Special offers from third-party vendors.

Your membership is valid until July 31, 2021, after which time you must renew to continue.

Our Partners

Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Outlook, and Teams.

Your personal home-schooler email accounts are also powered by Microsoft.

Canvas LMS is the premier online Learning Management System available today. It is used by all 8 of the Ivy League schools as well as over 1/3 of colleges and universities – plus thousands of school districts – in the US.

Canvas LMS not only simplifies academic life now, it may also help prepare college-bound home-schoolers for the future.

In addition to personal development and courses offered inside our Canvas LMS organization, our Learning Streams are powered by the BigMarker web conferences / webinars platform.

Taking their work at the high school and university level, The American Shakespeare Center has created a unique 12-week distance learning Acting Workshop just for our home-schoolers. We are excited and grateful to them for this opportunity and their commitment to offer it to us at an extremely reduced rate.