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Did you know that on average it takes 18-months to make a Christmas movie for Hallmark? Producers are looking for new Christmas movie ideas 365 days a year.

We are grateful that Christine Conradt will be presenting this special webinar just for home-schoolers, at a fraction of the regular price. As a produced screenwriter with over 50 movies for Hallmark, Lifetime and others (“On the 12th Date of Christmas” and “The Charm Bracelet” aired on Hallmark Christmas last month) and fiction author of two books published by HarperCollins, Christine will offer us valuable insights in this introductory session. Christine will touch on the traditional 3-act structure found in movies, however, primary focus will be on the Christmas movie since these movies are most recently familiar to most of us. Christine will explain the differences in the Lifetime 8-act and Hallmark 9-act structure. This course will be enjoyed by senior high students, however, the home-schooling parent or recent high school graduate who is interested in learning more about dramatic screenwriting is sure to benefit from this session as well.

Recorded or Live?
This is a 100% Live Session with Q&A throughout.

Collateral Materials
You may download the free Study Guide which includes a bibliography of resources that an interested person can use for further study.

Don’t worry if something comes up and you are unable to attend the Learning Stream presentation in part or in whole:
Guests may rewatch this Learning Stream presentation up to 7-days after the event date.
Members may also rewatch this Learning Stream presentation up to 7-days after the event date, plus add it to your Home-School Library thereafter.

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